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A Message From Our VP Membership


Dear potential new members…

I am beyond grateful and excited to serve as your Kappa 2023 Vice President of Membership for the Delta Zeta chapter. Coming from Washington, I thought that I knew everything about my state, all the good food spots, beaches, knowing a spot, etc. But was I wrong. Little did I know that a group of one hundred girls, twenty-seven of them in my pledge class, would show me more than what meets the eyes. My sisters here at Delta Zeta have shown me more support, tenacity, love, and importance than I have in my entire life. On behalf of the Delta Zeta chapter, my sister and I are overjoyed and eager to get to know all of you this September!!

I remember going into college not knowing anyone in such a big university, I was terrified. I felt very vulnerable and scared to face the world alone. It wasn’t until my friend's mom told me to go through recruitment because you will meet your best friends in a chapter. I signed up, not knowing what was there ahead of me. Being a Delta Zeta is more than just hanging out with friends and making memories. It's about supporting your sisters through thick and thin, being generous in their times of need, being brave when they cannot, and making a difference in other people’s worlds. Though you think that a group of twenty-seven girls won’t really impact your life, they will, and it’ll be for a lifetime. 

If you are anxious and/or excited about going into the Greek community and through the recruitment process, just know that there is a home for you. There are six core values that we as a Delta Zeta chapter uphold every day; curiosity, friendship, empowerment, community, citizenship, and belonging. Along with the six core values, the Kappa chapter values another one, diversity. We strive for diversity, inclusion, and acceptance for whoever walks in and out of those doors. Whether it be, listening to others that need to be heard, embracing the people around you, empowering your sisters, or even giving someone a smile. These seven core values are what we expect from our members, and they show it proudly.

These girls have shown me so much unconditional love in many ways, so much more than I can describe. I want you to feel the same way wherever you end up! If you're interested in anything Delta Zeta-related, check out our Instagram @uwdeltazeta. To the future member class of 2023, I am ecstatic to meet and get to know all of you!


With Delta Zeta love, 

Dianne Caras

Vice President of Membership


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