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As the 2020 Vice President of Membership, I welcome you to the Kappa Chapter of Delta Zeta at the University of Washington! 

When becoming a part of a school with such a large campus, it is fundamental to one’s well-being to find a smaller community where you truly fit in and are comfortable. I found this community in Delta Zeta, and over my years here, it has become even more to me than that - it has become my home. Entering this chapter, I have been surprised by the strength, kindness, acceptance, and diversity of my sisters. The amount of support that I have received and the feats and accomplishments that I have witnessed from my sisters has inspired me ten folds. 

Though we all have our highs and lows, it is beyond refreshing to live in an environment where I am accepted for myself in my entirety. Whether academically, in the workplace, or within daily life, it has been an amazing journey - being able to witness the women around me grow and develop into better versions of themselves. 

Delta Zeta has played an integral role in my success as an undergraduate and I have full faith that throughout college and beyond, the women of this chapter will support me through my successes and failures. Know that if you join Delta Zeta, you will be welcomed with open arms into a sisterhood that lives up to the words of our creed, one with “love that is ever steadfast”. 


Delta Zeta Love,

Misato Sandoval


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The deadline to submit is September 4th, 2020.

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