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Get to Know Us!

Kappa Chapter

Our nickname is DZ

Our motto is "love that is ever steadfast"

We were nationally founded on

October 24, 1902


We were founded at UW in 1914

Our colors are rose and green

Our philanthropies include the Starkey Hearing Foundation, UW Speech & Hearing, The Painted Turtle Camp

Our symbol is the roman lamp

Our flower is the pink killarney rose

Our jewel is the diamond

Our Creed

To the world,

I promise temperance and insight and courage,

To crusade for justice,

To seek the truth and defend it always;

To those whom my life may touch

in slight measure,

May I give graciously

Of what is mine;

To my friends,

Understanding and appreciation;

To those closer ones,

Love that is ever steadfast;

To my mind,


To myself, Faith

That I may walk truly

In the light of the Flame.

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