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Our Commitment to Philanthropy


At the University of Washington, philanthropic events aren't just a way to get involved or have fun; they serve as a reminder of just how supportive and giving our Greek Community truly is. Philanthropy is a way for us to show love and support for each others' chapters, as well as the organizations we give to.

National Philanthropies:


The Starkey Hearing Foundation promotes awareness, education, protection, and treatment of hearing loss. They also send volunteers on hundreds of hearing mission trips all over the world to provide hearing aids to people that cannot afford them. Delta Zeta has pledged Five Million in Five Years to Starkey because we believe deeply in their motto, "so the world may hear."

The Painted Turtle Camp provides day and summer camps for children and their families affected by serious illnesses. Their mission seeks "to inspire children with life-threatening diseases to become their greater selves." The Painted Turtle Camp has served as an all-expenses-paid sanctuary year-round for children, allowing them to just be kids. 

The Delta Zeta Foundation provides academic and need-based scholarships, funding leadership opportunities and personal growth programs.

Local Philanthropy:

The UW Speech and Hearing Clinic is the Kappa Chapter's local philanthropy. We support their Excellence Fund, which provides unrestricted support for the department. Their mission is "to be a center of excellence in education, research, and clinical practice within the community serving speech, language, and hearing needs."


A Message from our VP Philanthropy

Members of Delta Zeta nationwide are united by one common goal that is best stated in our creed, "To those whom my life touch in slight measure, may I give graciously of what is mine." As Delta Zetas here at the University of Washington, we are more than willing to dedicate our time, hearts, and resources to those in need, and are proud to serve the Starkey Hearing Foundation, the American Society for Deaf Children, UW Speech and Hearing, and the Delta Zeta Foundation. Each one of these inspirational organizations has a special place in all of our hearts. The sisters of the Kappa Chapter work hard each and every day to support these foundations, where each sister lovingly serves an average of 36 hours per year and raises at least $75. Our pride in giving graciously of what is ours truly makes us Delta Zetas. 

The Kappa Chapter of Delta Zeta hosts many different events throughout the year to shine light upon our philanthropies and to support them in any way we can. Our philanthropy round of Formal Fall Recruitment places special emphasis on showing potential new members why we love serving our community. During our Fall Philanthropy Week, we host three events that raise money for our philanthropies. A sports tournament is hosted where members of both sororities and fraternities across campus are invited to form teams and participate to raise money for our philanthropies. The Delta Zeta Pancake Feed is a unique event where members of other sororities and fraternities come to our chapter house to enjoy some delicious pancakes and to learn more about the organizations we support. Finally, our Fall Philanthropy Week closes off with the biggest event of the year, our Delta Zeta Silent Auction. With speakers from the American Society for Deaf Children and UW Speech and Hearing, alumnae, friends, and family in attendance, we learn about the gift of hearing while raising money for our philanthropies, as well as enjoying a warm meal and dessert with our loved ones. In the past, the Delta Zeta silent auction has raised over $16,000 for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, the American Society for Deaf Children, UW Speech and Hearing, and the Delta Zeta Foundation. Right around Valentine's Day, we participate in DZ Heart Attack, where other members of the Greek Community can donate to our philanthropies for a custom valentine delivered right to their loved one's door. In the spring, the women of the Kappa Chapter host DZ Duke Out, which is our annual flag football tournament, where members from other chapters across campus here at UW participate to raise money for our philanthropies as well as to win prizes (okay, and maybe bragging rights too). 

The women of the Kappa Chapter here at the University of Washington truly live our creed by giving graciously of what is ours, and we are proud to support our unique philanthropic foundations. We aim to learn more and support those who are hard of hearing, as well as their families. Delta Zetas here at the University of Washington are proud to give their time and resources, and as our creed reads, "truly walk in the light of the flame." 

Allison Naumann

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