While each and every one of us is fortunate enough to be surrounded by hardworking, ambitious women, it is truly the sorority that has fostered our commitment to our scholarship. Scholarship is an integral part of the Delta Zeta experience. Active members must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to remain in good standing. Our academic programs, including peer mentoring, study hours, professor-led workshops, and more are crucial resources that are utilized by each and every sister.


In order to reward our members that are academically successful, we host fun Dean’s List events to recognize those who received a GPA of 3.5 or higher. These events include playing with rescue puppies, gift cards, ice cream sundae nights, and much more. We also recognize sisters weekly for their academic achievements at our chapter meetings to honor their hard work throughout the year.


Our Accomplishments


Congratulations to the following members for earning the highest GPA's in their Pledge Classes this past quarter!

This fall, the Kappa chapter of Delta Zeta had a record high

number of members who received a 4.0!

PC '17: Bridget Haney (4.0)

PC '18: Samantha Cohn (4.0)

   Kendall Nicholas (4.0)

   Aliya Sciamanna (4.0)

PC '19: Michaela Cote (4.0)

             Hailey Jones (4.0)

             Amber Kelly (4.0)

             Maddie Lacoste (4.0)

             Maria Morris (4.0)

PC '20: Olivia Carpenter (4.0)

             Ellie Costello (4.0)

             Anna Hartley (4.0)

             Andreea Stanescu (4.0)

We are so proud of you all! Keep up the good work!

Dean's List

Listed below are the members who were named to the Dean's List for Fall '20, congratulations on all your hard work ladies!

Susan Acharya 

McKenna Andrew

Helen Arnold 

Daphne Aubrey 

Ainsley Barrow

Gianna Bartleweski 

Lynn Brown

Rachel Brucchieri 

Sarah Buch

Laura Bucher

Nicole Campbeell

Michele Cardenas

Olivia Carpenter

Riha Chand

Samantha Cohn 

Taylor Cooper

Ellie Costello

Michaela Cote

Navy Dahmeen

Kaitlin De Boldt

Katarina Desimone

Kendall Eemerson

Katie Firestone

Malia Fishler

Lea Fleuchaus

Kendall Foronda

Sarah Fredrickson

Sedona Gallagher

Christine Garces-Camacho 

Gianna Garcia

Katherine Gillen

Emma Haener

Bridget Haney

Anna Hartley 

Nicole Herrel 

Elleanor Italiane

Deborah Jin

Justus Johnson

Hailey Jones

Erin Kato

Amber Kelly

Ashley Kim

Joyce Kim

Ashlyn Klein 

Hope Klingenstein

Katelyn Kostello 

Juliana Kryger

Madeline Lacoste

Vivian Hanle Lee

Nina Lin

Ainsly Mackenzie

Alex Mahaffey 

Morgan McCraney

Madeline McMahon

Samantha Merrill 

Natalie Mifsud

Lauren Morris

Maria Morris

Taylor Newton

Kendall Nicholas 

Rayna Nutakki

Sophia Palmer

Tiffani Pham

Isabella Pilat

Bianca Ponnekanti 

Cassadey Porter

Ruby Powers

Abigail Remillard

Madeline Retzlaff

Mikela Rivera

Misato Sandoval 

Olivia Schenone

Kiana Schwendeman

Aliya Sciamanna

Emily Scott

Laura Sheen

Amanda Short

Megan Shu

Annika Souter

Andreea Stanescu

Grace Stretz 

Leah Stroup 

Isabella Swanson

Sabrina Tang

Lauren Tsuruda 

Floor Van Diepen

Tia Vontver

Jordyn Warner

Sela Wein 

Carolynn Werner 

Gabriella Wider

Madelyn Wiesenhahn 

Anna Woytko 

Grace Yagi 

Annie Yan

Raquel Zeleznick 

Lucinda Zhang