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While each and every one of us is fortunate enough to be surrounded by hardworking, ambitious women, it is truly the sorority that has fostered our commitment to our scholarship. Scholarship is an integral part of the Delta Zeta experience. Active members must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to remain in good standing. Our academic programs, including peer mentoring, study hours, professor-led workshops, and more are crucial resources that are utilized by each and every sister.


In order to reward our members that are academically successful, we host fun Dean’s List events to recognize those who received a GPA of 3.5 or higher. These events include playing with rescue puppies, gift cards, ice cream sundae nights, and much more. We also recognize sisters weekly for their academic achievements at our chapter meetings to honor their hard work throughout the year.


Our Accomplishments


Congratulations to the following members for earning 4.0's for Winter '22.

Ainsley Barrow

Amber Kelly

Joyce Kim

Cassadey Porter

Abigail Remillard

Sabrina Tang 

We are so proud of you all! Keep up the good work!

Dean's List

Listed below are the members who were named to the Dean's List for Winter '20  congratulations on all your hard work ladies!

Ashely Allison

Nadeen Baba

Dianne Caras

Olivia Carpenter

Isabella Maria Colberg

Taylor Cooper

Angela Correya

Eva Dawson

Allison Marie DeVane

Kendall Emerson

Kennedy Fellers

Haley Furutani

Christine Garces-Camacho

Lily Gates

Katherine Gillen 

Ali Grbic 

Anna Hartley

Elissa Hausman 

Sarah Haworth

Nicole Herrel

Justus Johnson

Hailey Jones 

Erin Kato

Amber Kelly

Ashley Kim

Joyce Kim

Chasina Klein

Madeline Lacoste

Madeleine Martin

Alexa Mahaffey 

Morgan McCraney

Madeline McMahon

Lauren Morris

Fanny Metsa-Tokila

Maria Morris

Taylor Newton

Samantha Nguyen

Rayna Nutakki

Sophia Palmer

Bianca Ponnekanti

Cassadey Porter 

Abigail Remillard

Madeline Retzlaff

Lola Richmond

Olivia Schenone

Aliya Sciamanna

Emily Scott

Hailey Sheffer

Amanda Short

Megan Shu

Molly Stamey

Andreea Stanescu

Grace Stretz

Isabel Surran

Sarbina Tang

Sierra Thomsen

Lauren Tsuruda

Floor Van Diepen

Tia Vontver 

Larissa Wang

Jordyn Warner 

Carolynn Werner

Gabriella Wider

Grace Yagi

Raquel Zeleznick

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